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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a new URL to Archive3?

Use our submission form.

What is Archive3?

Archive3 is an internet archival service that takes screenshots of websites at intervals to show how they change over time. All screenshots are anchored in a public blockchain so they can be proven to be unaltered since inclusion.

Archive3 is built on RigidBit, a self-contained micro-blockchain which anchors to all major public blockchains. Archive3 anchors to Ethereum.

Why does Archive3 save screenshots instead of HTML?

Archive3 uses screenshots instead of saving the HTML directly because this is the most reliable way to capture website content. Modern web development is extremely complex, and creating a mirror of the original site is difficult and sometimes not possible.

Other archive services may use different methods for capture. Some of these methods have shown that they do not age gracefully. Very old pages often do not render anything like they did in the past. Modern browsers render the pages differently, and some resources are missing. The end result is that pieces of history are lost.

Archive3's priority is to show the website exactly as it was at the time of capture.

Why does Archive3 only capture the front page?

Archive3 does capture specific internal pages on some websites. Archive3 only captures the front page on most websites because that is typically the most important. In the future, Archive3 may choose to capture more pages, or even all pages of some websites.

How can I support Archive3?

You can support Archive3 by using our service and sharing it with your friends. 😁